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Every once in a while, every room needs a face lift and sometimes the avalanche of choices in the market can get one confused. There are many things you’d want to change in a room from carpets to wardrobes. There are bound to be a wide range of designs in the market but sometimes, it […]

Custom built fitted bedrooms are bedroom designs uniquely created to suit a customer’s needs. They may either be entirely unique or just variations of some standard designs which are adjusted according to someone’s desires. It is never a guarantee that every customer knows exactly what they want. Usually, one is shown a variety of fitted […]

Bespoke kitchens are popular because they allow customers to both express and differentiate themselves. The average kitchen is made using standard materials in terms of sizes and styles. As such, one cannot have any particular style by which they can differentiate themselves. This is because such styles and designs are available to the market and […]

Many residential places are small in size with the rooms only able to hold small number of equipment’s. While in side the rooms, instead of using wardrobes that come with opening doors, then one can buy the sliding door wardrobes which will save greatly on space. In order to have enough space inside the bedroom […]

When choosing glass sliding doors wardrobes there are aspects that you have to bear in mind considering that most of them are ideal for a number of contemporary designed houses. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that you know what you are looking for considering they come in a wide variety in […]