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The importance of a wardrobe cannot be overstated in any bedroom. Gone are the days when little attention was paid to the ergonomics and design of a wardrobe. The wardrobes of today have evolved to a great extent and manage to add significantly to a bedroom’s overall appearance. However, all said and done, a wardrobe’s aesthetic appeal can never take a backseat to its primary function, i.e. storage. As such, a perfect wardrobe is one that amalgamates an eye-pleasing design with impressive storage capability.

This is exactly where fitted wardrobes come into the picture. Contrary to conventional freestanding ones, fitted wardrobes adjust to the physical peculiarities of your bedroom. They blend right in with those odd spaces and contours that are present in most bedrooms.And the best part is, you have more free storage space to play with!

Arguably, a wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom after the bed, which is yet another reason why you need to invest a fair bit of time in selecting the right one. Fitted wardrobes provide you with the kind of flexibility that you can only dream of. It doesn’t matter if you are a man desiring a dark themed look for your bedroom or a woman who wants to add a dash of her own personality to that most private of spaces, the right fitted wardrobe can be a sight for sore eyes.

Conventional wardrobes are made without paying much heed to the presence of awkward spaces in most bedrooms. Those stage intrusions, eaves, and even chimney breasts can be covered up or used by a well-designed fitted wardrobe. There have been countless home improvement studies pointing out the obvious benefits of going in for fitted wardrobes instead of freestanding ones. Conventionally speaking, most people who shift from freestanding wardrobes to fitted wardrobes report an average increase of 40-50% in overall storage space.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of fitted wardrobes is the multi-tasking aspect. For many, bedrooms are no less than home workstations. For many others, bedrooms are places where hobbies are pursued. As such, the freedom to include extra pieces of fitted bedrooms like safes, shelves, foldable work tables and even mirrors into a fitted wardrobe design is the clinching factor for most homeowners. Optimum usage of available floor space is another hallmark of fitted wardrobes.Regardless of whether it is an attic room with a sloped ceiling or a bedroom with numerous alcoves, fitted wardrobes fit the bill perfectly.

While functionality is arguably the biggest advantage with fitted wardrobes, it is commonly misunderstood that they lag behind freestanding wardrobes when it comes to looks and overall aesthetics.

As far as design appeal is concerned, fitted wardrobes furniture score higher compared to their freestanding counterparts. Door options like sliding, pivot and bi-fold and wardrobe designs like two-door or wall-wall executives add to your choice greatly. You can also have your fitted wardrobes in fabulous colors like coffee, chocolate, caramel, pine and many other combinations.

You can buy a fitted wardrobe for just about any space and requirement. Be it a small and funky wardrobe for your children’s bedroom or a medium-sized one for the guest bedroom, fitted wardrobes make for the perfect solution. To know about custom fitted wardrobes in London, contact Metro Wardrobes